Links to Free Compare/Contrast Charts for Day of the Dead versus Halloween

Now that the candy rush is wearing off perhaps you want your students to take a look at some similarities and differences between Day of the Dead and Halloween.  I love using this type of semantics feature chart to vary the cognitive challenges I set for students.  Below you will find  examples in English and Spanish of the same chart used in various ways.  You can alter this to be an activity that builds on oracy by providing some students with some of the information and other students with different information.  Teams would need to work together to complete the chart.

I highly recommend this website as you plan to use this graphic organizer consistently.  Much of the work could be done for you by simply plugging in the two ideas you want to compare.

Examples of scaffolded Semantic Features Chart for Day of the Dead and Halloween

Completed Table in Spanish

Broad Feature missing y

Specific characteristics missing



Completed Table in English

Broad Feature Missing

Specific features missing