READ en Español, Inc offers consulting services for school districts who share the goal of successfully engaging and educating all students.  Most clients have found it beneficial to contract the same consultant for multiple school improvement days throughout the year.  However, we have consultants available for before or after school sessions or half day school improvement schedules as well.


Staff Development

Our consultants are ready to assess your district’s needs and to create a customized plan that addresses any and all deficits .  READ consultants will inform administrators about various program models and provide tips about what to look for during teacher observations, guide ESL and bilingual teachers in professional development and uses of district resources, train instructional coaches on best practices for ESL/Bilingual/Dual classrooms or work together with school personnel on diversity topics that impact them.

Topics covered in work sessions may include but are not limited to:

  • Working with Newcomers
  • Curriculum Development/Professional Development for your ESL programs
  • Curriculum Development/Professional Development in the Dual Language/Bilingual Programs
  • Second Language Acquisition Basics
  • Late Exit ELs and Beneficial Instructional Practices
  • Approaches to Spanish Literacy
  • Spanish vs. English Emergent Reading Skills
  • Parental Involvement as a Key to Student Success
  • Authentic Assessments for ELs
  • Best Practices/Strategies for ELs
  • Diversity within Communities


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