Consultations and Class Visits for Teachers

Our individual classroom observation services provide teachers with relative feedback to their current teaching practices. Debriefing sessions allow time for educators to reflect on their teaching and receive suggestions on where lessons can be enhanced to better support students who may not be learning in their first language. Expert consultants help teachers navigate the planning of content and language simultaneously.

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Bilingual Education Support: Expert Guidance for Teachers & Administrators

At Read en español, Inc., we understand the challenges faced by teachers of multilingual learners in creating effective lessons that balance both content and language acquisition. That's why we offer individual classroom observation services, designed to benefit teachers as they reflect on their teaching practices and identify areas for improvement with a focus on improving outcomes for all students.

How We Support You

Many administrators are at a loss when it comes to providing feedback to their ESL or bilingual teachers. What are the expectations of teachers in a dual language, TBE or ESL environment and what should administrators be looking for? Our experienced consultants engage teachers in meaningful discussions around their current practices and which instructional strategies can be enhanced to better support the unique needs of multilingual learners. We customize observation tools to fit your program model and teacher populations. With our observation services, teachers get real time feedback on where their lesson could go next and suggestions on how to amplify the connection of language and content. Services include multiple teacher observations, individual teacher debriefings and a report to administrators on general trends observed in the classrooms.

Conduct class visits and conduct follow up consultations with teachers

Map out and plan for continued and strategic professional development for teachers in your program

Whether you have a Dual Language Program or TBE (Transitional Bilingual Education) Program or a TPI (Transitional Program of Instruction Model), teachers benefit from feedback on their current teaching practices. Sara Knigge uses a range of observational tools to engage teachers in a meaningful discussion around how teaching strategies and teacher clarity can be enhanced to better support the unique needs of multilingual learners.


What Clients Are Saying


North Palos SD 117 provides top-quality programs for Multilingual Learners. With an EL Exit Rate of 14% compared to the 6% State Average EL Exit Rate, we continue to hold high expectations for all of our students. Sara Knigge has provided her expertise to North Palos SD 117 for over three years in the areas of co-teaching, Spanish Language Arts Standards, and best instructional practices for Multilingual Learners. She has supported the implementation of curriculum, instructional strategies, and has increased the knowledge base and confidence of our staff members. Sara Knigge is not only an expert in this field, but she is personable and connects authentically with our staff members. Working with Sara Knigge in planning for the school year is seamless. She is flexible, adaptive, and upholds our mission and values. We are so grateful to continue our partnership with Sara Knigge in building high-quality English Learner Programs for our students.

Mrs. Shadia Salem (Assistant Superintendent of English Learning)


Sara has provided amazing professional learning for a variety of staff members for me in the past. She collaborated with me to ensure we target staff learning needs and she differentiated her delivery to ensure maximum engagement. Most importantly, after every session we delivered, teachers would ask when she was coming back.

Jeremy Burnham (Principal)