Professional Development for Educators Supporting Multilingual Learners

READ en español, Inc. is a Bilingual Education Consulting firm dedicated to enhancing educators' professional growth and confidence in supporting multilingual learners. We provide tailored services for diverse educational settings, including dual language, bilingual, and ESL environments, equipping educators with essential skills and strategies to create dynamic learning experiences for all their students.


Expert Consultant in Bilingual Education for Multilingual Learners

READ en español Inc., a bilingual education consultant firm in Chicago, provides a range of solutions to help teachers create an effective environment for multilingual learners. Our services begin with READ en español, Inc.’s lead consultant, Sara Knigge, partnering with a district administrator and conducting a comprehensive needs assessment of district programs. This is followed by capacity building for teachers. Sara instills confidence in teachers and with her expertise, teachers can approach their work with a deeper understanding of how to best support the unique needs of multilingual learners.

Empowering Teachers of Multilingual Learners

Bilingual Education Consulting Company Offers Customized Professional Development Solutions for Diverse Schools

Curriculum Development for Dual Language Programs

Whether your school is moving from a Transitional Bilingual Education Program to a Dual Language Program or if are you interested in learning more about how a new Dual Language Program can impact learning in your schools, we can help answer your questions about supporting emergent bilinguals.

Effective Practices for Multilingual Learners

School districts have diverse needs based on student populations. Multilingual learners are part of ESL programs co-taught with general education teachers, while newcomers receive support in various classroom settings. Let us help build capacity in Second Language Acquisition for your educators.

Consultations and Class Visits for Teachers

We understand the challenges teachers face in creating effective lessons for multilingual learners. Our individual classroom observation services support teachers in reflecting on their practices and enhancing outcomes for all students by striking a balance between content and language acquisition.

Sustained Professional Development with Sara Knigge

Read en español’s lead consultant, Sara Knigge, is a highly experienced educator with a diverse background. Sara's extensive experience in the field of Bilingual Education allows her to offer personalized attention and customized solutions tailored to meet the unique needs of each school district. Whether you're a teacher, school district, or organization, we have the expertise and resources to help you achieve your goals. Contact us today to learn more about how we can support your work with multilingual learners.


Shop the Spanish Reading Workbook for Primary

This is a skills-based practice book designed for primary Spanish Dual Language or TBE classrooms. It features instructions in Spanish, along with quick explanations and examples of each skill, making it easy for teachers, parents, and paraprofessionals to use. The 78-page workbook concentrates on Spanish Phonics, Spanish Grammar, and Spanish Reading Comprehension, with a checklist at the back of the book for teachers to track student progress.

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Enhance your knowledge, expand your teaching strategies, and foster success for multilingual learners.

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What Clients Are Saying


Sara has provided amazing professional learning for a variety of staff members for me in the past. She collaborated with me to ensure we target staff learning needs and she differentiated her delivery to ensure maximum engagement. Most importantly, after every session we delivered, teachers would ask when she was coming back.

Jeremy Burnham (Principal)


Sara provided PDs for our teachers over the last two years. I received positive feedback from our staff about her sessions. She shared best practices and ready-to-use lessons. Especially, during the Covid time when teachers had to teach online, they learned relevant techniques on student engagement during virtual teaching and learning.
I would recommend Sara to any school district.

Superintendent of Chicago Charter School


Sara brings a combination of knowledge and passion to her trainings. As a result, our teachers have produced great units of instruction and have continued to ask for her guidance for the following years.

ESL Director