Curriculum Development for Dual Language Programs

Dual language programming has unique needs. Developing curriculum in Spanish and English while connecting content and language can be challenging. READ en español consultants offer support to teachers and administrators as they navigate this process.


Bilingual Education Support: Expert Guidance for Teachers & Administrators

Whether your school is moving from a Transitional Bilingual Education Program to a Dual Language Program or if are you interested in learning more about how a new Dual Language Program can impact learning in your schools, READ en español, Inc. can help answer your questions about supporting emergent bilinguals.

How We Support You

Dual language programs cannot be implemented by simply modifying the monolingual curriculum into Spanish. Teachers and administrators need to be aware of the unique needs of dual language programs and how to create curriculum that is reflective of holistic biliteracy instruction. Knowledge about the three pillars of dual language education, setting content and language allocations and standards mapping is just the start. This option offers sustained professional development provided by READ en español’s owner, Sara Knigge.

Design frameworks for Dual Language units of study

Support team to curate culturally responsive materials

Build capacity in dual language essentials

Analyze and plot out content and ELA standards.


What Clients Are Saying


Sara Knigge has been a ray of sunshine for Bensenville School District 2. She has led us in the implementation of a new dual language through the COVID years. She offers the flexibility and attention needed to deliver a strong academic response to the recent changes in education. We rely on her expertise to help our staff understand the significance of aligning standards to our K-5 units of study, and to the holistic biliteracy approach. She offers a true partnership with our district to help us explore ways in which we can effectively engage, develop, and assess students from multilingual backgrounds. The ongoing professional development is filled with high impact strategies that connect curriculum development with practical student engagement ideas that accentuate all domains of language learning. Our entire staff has reported high levels of satisfaction from the work led by Sara and her READ en español services.

Edgar Palacios (Director of Multilingual Education)


Sara brings a combination of knowledge and passion to her trainings. As a result, our teachers have produced great Units of instruction and have continued to ask for her guidance for the following years. Because of Sara’s Professional development our Dual Language PLC has grown in its capacity to develop more robust units that utilize standards to develop big ideas and clear learning targets. After a year of witnessing Sara work with our teachers I have experienced a better understanding for the proper design of a unit of instruction. Even with our new teachers to the profession, Sara has coached them in ways that has helped with their confidence. I wholeheartedly endorse Sara Knigge and hope that your staff will experience her dynamic presentations and excellent guidance in the areas of EL and Dual Language learning.

Dual Language Director, Plano 88